Garden Pathways Map. View it and the 101 ways to connect to a school garden at Life Lab's School Garden Pages

Linking Gardens to School Curriculum chapter from CSGN's Gardens for Learning provides a summary and list of lessons connected to academics and a healthy lifestyle.


New Content Standards for Public Schools

Common Core (Math and Language Arts) and Next Generation (Science) K-12 standards are being adopted by California and most other states.  Common Core and Next Generation content matrices and resources for garden-based learning:



From the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom:

  • “Steer” Toward STEM: Careers in Animal Agriculture (Common Core)
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Health (Common Core)
  • What Do Plants Need to Grow? (Common Core and NGSS)
  • Chemistry, Fertilizer, and the Environment (Common Core and NGSS)


We will continue to post more resources as they become available.


Past California Content Standard Matrices

A Child's Garden of Standards: Linking School Gardens to California Education Standards
Detailed connections to garden-based learning across all core subjects for grades 2-6. This free resource published by the California Department of Education lists lessons drawing from eight popular garden-based education resources.

Gardens for Learning Standards Supplement
The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (CFAITC) has developed a supplement to CSGN's Gardens for Learning which maps the activities listed in Linking Gardens to School Curriculum chapter to California State Education Standards for grades K-6.

Life Lab's The Growing Classroom and Life Lab Science K-5 Science Curriculum are both alinged to the CA State Science Standards.