Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education Lessons

View CSGN's Lesson and Curricula Database and search Ag Literacy/Food Systems or Cooking / Nutrition for more resources to teach about food and nutrition in the garden.

View literature lists of garden, food, and farm themed books.

Also check out all our Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education Resources from the California School Garden Training Program GENE Workshop.

Food Grouping "Plate" Resources

USDA's Choose My Plate

Harvard's School of Public Health - Healthy Eating Plate

Chef Ann Cooper's Healthy Kids Meal Wheel

Life Lab's Feeling Fine with Fresh Food Power Plate Lesson (on page 9)

"What's On Your Plate?" Lessons from Edible School Yard. Activities to learn about food groups and label reading for upper elementary and middle school.

Nutrition Education Resources from the California Department of Education

Resources and State Nutrition Competencies to assist local educational agencies and after-school programs in their efforts to implement well-planned, high-quality instructional programs in nutrition education.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Cards This set of beautiful photo cards encourages students to eat more fruits and vegetables. The front of each card displays a fruit or vegetable with its name in English and in Spanish (when available). On the reverse is a bar graph displaying an analysis of nutrients, suggested serving size, and other information.