Harvesting food straight from the garden is a powerful act. For many kids the school garden is the only place they will experience eating “straight off the vine.”  Students who harvest straight from the garden are often more adventurous and try food they might not sample otherwise. Use this time to explore the garden and show students what is good to harvest in the garden. Remember to follow safe hand and produce washing practices.  If garden production is low consider supplementing the garden harvest with produce from the farmer’s market or store.

Choosing Plants and Planting Times and Edible Theme Bed Planning: Ideas, concepts and resources for planning your edible harvest, including links to crop planning guides and charts.  

One Bite Lessons are edible activities that don’t require a kitchen or excessive preparation. They are fun and creative ways to sample plants right from the garden. Also see our "Eating From the Garden" download on the bottom of this page.

Policy, protocol, and extensive resources for harvesting from the garden at Life Lab's Garden to Cafeteria Page.

Ithica's Children's Garden Seed to Salad Program: an adaptable project that genuinely engages young people in growing salad gardens of their own.

Also check out all our Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education Resources from the California School Garden Training Program GENE Workshop.