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One Bite Lesson: An edible activity that doesn't require a kitchen or excessive preparation. A fun and creative way to have kids sample plants right from the garden. View One Bite Lesson Handout

One Bite Salsa - Harvest a pepper and snip off some onion greens. Have kids harvest a couple of cherry tomatoes. Break pepper into pieces, tear up small pieces of onion greens. Eat cherry tomato, pepper piece, and a bit of onion in one bite.
Flower Feast - Discuss which flowers in the garden are edible. Harvest a variety of edible flowers and eat a mini bouquet or go on a floral walk sampling different flowers as you pass them.
Six Plant Part Burrito - As a group, harvest edible roots, stems, leaves (large ones like roman lettuce, one per student), flowers, fruits, and seeds. Wash veggies. Use a cutting board or plate and cut plant parts up in small pieces (minus the large edible leaf part). Have kids fill their leaf up with samples of each plant part. Roll up your "burrito" and munch on down or sample each part separately. Also know as 6 Plant Part Tacos, Finger Salads, and many other creative names.
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