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Middle and High School gardening programs are often known for a lack of resources to support learning in the classroom and garden. The structure of primary grades and the content that is being taught at the elementary level does make it easier for garden-based learning to occur. But there are many great resources and reasons to continue garden-based learning programs in middle schools. Here are few resources found at CSGN.org to support middle school garden-based learning.

Best Practices in Middle School Gardening 

A couple years ago UC Davis Children's Garden Program and the California Department of Education created the Best Practices in Middle School Gardening which looked at ten exemplary middle school garden programs in California. View these pages to see the best in middle school gardening. Each school bio includes photos, sustainability tips, curricular resources, and more. There is a lot to learn from!!


Middle School Curriculum Database

CSGN also has a great collection middle school curricular resources .


Why Garden in Schools? A Middle School Perspective

This essay, found at CSGN's research database, is an argument for gardening in schools, focusing on two months of integrated English-history sixth grade curriculum that explores the relationships between a number of current environmental problems—notably hunger, water scarcity, topsoil loss, and global warming—and the land-use practices that led to the downfall of ancient Mesopotamia. Written by Carter Latendresse a 6th grade English teacher and garden coordinator at Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon.

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