SACRAMENTO, CA March 29, 2006 — The California School Garden Network (CSGN) announces, a one-stop-shop for teachers seeking information about establishing, funding and maintaining school gardens. The CSGN and its Web site are the fruits of ongoing collaboration between state agencies, private companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations to create and sustain school gardens in California. The official announcement will be made at the Ag Day event in Sacramento on March 29th by Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture, A.G. Kawamura, during his keynote address.

"The number of school garden resources available to California teachers is bountiful," said A.G. Kawamura. "CSGN is the first organization to consolidate all those resources in one location, giving teachers easy access to the tools they need to grow and sustain successful school gardens."

The CSGN Web site connects teachers with school garden curriculum, experts, literature, resources, research, and available funding. As the CSGN program grows, the Web site will evolve to provide not only state-wide information but also regional resources available to teachers in their own communities.

“While the cooperation in forming the Network and launching the CSGN Web site are great accomplishments, it is just the beginning. Our goal is to have a garden in every California school,” said Tim Alderson, CSGN Chairman. “These gardens not only provide children a fun way to learn, gardens help teach students about healthy food choices.”

UC Davis research suggests that a garden-enhanced learning can improve a child’s knowledge of nutrition and preference for vegetables. Gardens promote agricultural awareness, good nutrition, physical activity, social development and community involvement. They also offer dynamic, beautiful settings in which to integrate every academic discipline.

" There isn’t any subject that can’t be taught in this dynamic, ever-changing, natural environment," said Martha Deichler, Principal, Vista Square Elementary School.

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