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Raised beds carry a litany of advantages that make them an ideal solution for novice and experienced gardeners alike. But to get the very most out of your beds, follow this advice from the pros.

1. Build and Test Your Soil

Begin your gardening season with a soil test. This will identify what your soil has or lacks. In turn, you use this information to build your soil.

Start with the planting mix. Most of these are blends of peat moss, bark, and/or compost, and they help growers spoon-feed nutrients to their crops. However, mixes lack a high mineral content and do not provide all the nutrients needed for plants to thrive. Without a strong organic and mineral structure, the nutrients will leech through the soil before plants can use them. Correct this by adding compost to convert the blended mix into soil that holds nutrients, water, and oxygen for plants to use.

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