Island Grown Schools Curriculum Toolkit

PreK, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle, High School
Units for every grade level that build on each other and provide a meaningful food education for students in Martha Vineyards.

School Garden Lessons from Whole Kids Foundation and American Heart Association

PreK - 5th This guide contains 35 lesson plans with activities to engage your students in a fun and educational exploration of fruits, vegetables and healthy eating. The lessons are cross-curricular and support curriculum for Pre-K-5th grade. A variety of activities are included so you can pick and choose the learning objectives that are appropriate for your students.

Growing Minds - Farm to School Lesson Plans

Over the years, Growing Minds has developed Farm to School activities that incorporate national standards. Find lesson plans, recipes, books, and other resources for each month of the school year.

National Environmental Education Foundation Resources

For grades K-12. Garden based leraning with links to lessons on climate change, water, water-energy articles, and children and nature. Children and nature lessons for all grades, will pop up in a new on-line window.

Natures Partners: Pollinators

For grades 3-6. Nature's Partners is an inquiry learning-based curriculum for young people in the 3rd through the 6th grade.

A Handful of Seeds

For grades 2-6. Seed-Saving and Seed Study for Educators.

George Watts Montessori Edible Garden

For grades 1-3. 15 lessons developed for the George Watts Montessori Edible Garden. Aligned with NC standards.

George Watts Montessori Edible Garden

For grades 4-5. 15 lessons developed for the George Watts Montessori Edible Garden. Aligned with NC standards.

Kids Cook Farm Fresh Seasonal recipes, activities and farm profiles

"For grades 2-7. Activities engage teachers and students in grades two through seven in exploring fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce through direct experience. Using tested recipes and farm profiles, Kids Cook Farm-Fresh Food links agriculture and the culinary arts to reading, mathematics, social sciences, and geography."

Life Lab's Science Exploration Units

For grades 1-4. Created with lessons from the K-5 Life Lab Science Curriculum and The Growing Classroom our Science Exploration Units are garden themed and aligned to the California State Science Standards.