Kids Cook Farm Fresh Seasonal recipes, activities and farm profiles

"For grades 2-7. Activities engage teachers and students in grades two through seven in exploring fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce through direct experience. Using tested recipes and farm profiles, Kids Cook Farm-Fresh Food links agriculture and the culinary arts to reading, mathematics, social sciences, and geography."

Nutrition to Grow On

"For grades 4-6. An innovative curriculum for grades four through six that offers teachers a direct link between the garden and nutrition education. Nine lessons are designed to teach children and their families about nutrition by relating each lesson to a garden activity. The curriculum uses the garden to integrate disciplines, including science, mathematics, language arts, history, environmental studies, nutrition and health, while reinforcing some of the California academic content standards. 191 pages, download by lesson or whole document."

Seed to Salad Lessons from Cornell Garden Based Learning

"For grades K-12. Garden based learning with lessons on garden creation, as well as garden based art projects for elementary aged children. Includes links to research done on garden based education and teacher resources for setting up and starting garden based education."

Super Size Me

"While examining the influence of the fast food industry, Morgan Spurlock personally explores the consequences on his health of a diet of solely McDonald's food for one month."

Vermont's Farm to School Program Teacher Units

For grades PreK-6. A community-based website adressing school food changes in Vermont. Nutrition based lessons separated by elementary grade levels and high school. All lessons developed to meet Vermont educational standards.

Feeling Fine with Fresh Foods

For grades 3-5. Help students make the important connection between their health and the foods they choose. 25 pages that include: Stone Soup recipe and class instructions, 8 nutrition education lessons, California health content standards.

Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month provides materials and resources to support healthy food choices through increased access and consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as encourage daily physical activity. It uniquely supports core curricular areas through exploration and study.

The Great Garden Detective Adventure: A Standards-Based Gardening Nutrition Curriculum

Grades 3-4, Discover what fruits and vegetables are sweetest, crunchiest, and juiciest through a series of investigations and fun experiences connecting the school garden to the classroom, school cafeteria, and home. This eleven-lesson curriculum for 3rd and 4th grades includes bulletin board materials, veggie dice, fruit and vegetable flash cards, and ten issues of Garden Detective News for parents/caregivers.

Dig In! Standards-Based Nutrition Education from the Ground Up

For 5th-6th Grades, Explore a world of possibilities in the garden and on your plate using ten inquiry-based lessons that engage 5th and 6th graders in growing, harvesting, tasting, and learning about fruits and vegetables. Dig In! includes:

  • A Gardening Guide (in the Teacher's Guide)
  • Dig In! At Home Parent Booklets
  • Six Dig In! Posters
  • An Eat Smart To Play Hard With MyPlate Poster

Education Lesson Pathway

K - 5 An outdoor education curriculum framework that allows educators to plan a comprehensive and sequenced outdoor education program by selecting lessons that are nested into a larger, coherent structure. It is arranged by themes – Basics, Soil, Plants, Creatures, Ecology, Materials, and Food. The lessons have been created by Education Outside Staff and are linked to from other websites.