Exploring Regional Food Systems

"This 2-page brief explores how community-based organizations, municipal agencies, and even local legislators are exploring ways in which local and regional foods might contribute to community and economic development."

French Fries and the Food System: A Year Round Curriculum Connecting Youth with Farming and Food

A year-round curriculum connecting youth with farming and food. Material teaches youth how to develop a deep understanding of and appreciation for the land and local food systems.

Kids Cook Farm Fresh Seasonal recipes, activities and farm profiles

"For grades 2-7. Activities engage teachers and students in grades two through seven in exploring fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce through direct experience. Using tested recipes and farm profiles, Kids Cook Farm-Fresh Food links agriculture and the culinary arts to reading, mathematics, social sciences, and geography."

LiFE Curriculum Series

"This set of 3 inquiry-based curricula engages students in hands-on investigations of our complex food system and how to use scientific evidence to make healthy food and activity choices.Includes teacher lesson plans, background information, teaching tips, and tools for assessment; student activity sheets and readings; and a matrix mapping the book to National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks for Science Literacy."

Maize Activity Guide

"Curriculum designed to help children understand what agriculture is and why it is important. Activities help raise awareness of the diversity of local and national food production, introduce components of farming, and demonstrate basic ecological concepts related to growing food sustainably. "

Nourish: Food + Community

Explores the provocative question: What's the story of your food?

The Omnivore

In this book, you′ll go undercover at the supermarket.

WE Garden Garden-Based Learning Lessons

"For grades 1-6. A web-based resource with the mission to increase awareness and understanding of agriculture among California's educators and students. Includes Lesson plans for grades K-12, as well as teacher resources, newsletters, student-teacher programs in California, and many other california based agrucultural education resources. Lesson plans available to download in full as PDF."

Vermont's Farm to School Program Teacher Units

For grades PreK-6. A community-based website adressing school food changes in Vermont. Nutrition based lessons separated by elementary grade levels and high school. All lessons developed to meet Vermont educational standards.

Feeling Fine with Fresh Foods

For grades 3-5. Help students make the important connection between their health and the foods they choose. 25 pages that include: Stone Soup recipe and class instructions, 8 nutrition education lessons, California health content standards.