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I'm trying to fill a position we have open to help run our school garden. I'm having some trouble finding the right person. Do you know a good place for me to post the following:

We are currently hiring for an experienced gardener to run our preschool garden program. The new organic garden's curriculum integrates multiple disciples including, science, math, engineering, nutrition, language arts and environmental studies. Each student will have opportunities to create healthy snacks with the fresh produce they have grown. This food-to-table model will increase student's awareness of where food comes from and the benefits of healthy eating.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Extensive background in gardening. Responsible for maintaining preschool garden and
elementary school aquaponics system.
• Experience working with young children. Responsible for teaching a gardening class to
preschool students once a week.
• Responsible for adding to current curriculum and implementing lesson plans that are age
appropriate and foster a love for gardening.
• Must posse excellent social skills.
• Seeking a highly organized and punctual individual.
• The ideal candidate will bring creativity and joy to this wonderful project.

I really appreciate any help you could provide me. Thank you!