We respect the privacy of our Members, customers, and visitors to our Web site, csgn.org. While offering our Web site users the advantages and convenience of Web-based technologies, we also strive to employ practices that ensure information collected about Members, customers, and visitors is used conscientiously and appropriately.

This Privacy Policy Statement outlines the use of personally identifiable information collected on csgn.org. This privacy notice does not encompass other Web sites referenced by us in print, online, or in e-mail.

What information is collected on csgn.org?

Generally, information is used to help us better serve our Members and customers.

  • General visitors: We collect information for internal marketing purposes about pages that visitors browse. This information does not contain e-mail addresses.
  • Customers: We collect personally identifiable information necessary for registration and billing from customers who purchase our products and services online.
  • Members: We collect personally identifiable information about Members who provide their information on Web pages that are specifically designed to collect membership information, such as online questionnaires, resume submissions, job postings, and applications for membership.

What are "cookies?" & how are they used?

A "cookie" is a packet of information that a Web server sends to a user’s computer to identify that specific user the next time he or she visits the site.

How do we use information collected on csgn.org?

The information we collect is used to improve the content of our Web site, enhance the value of our products, and communicate with Members and customers as follows:

csgn.org has access to membership information for purposes of communicating with Members and furthering the mission of the organization.
csgn.org may contact Members and customers about events and opportunities.
How may Members or customers opt out of receiving materials?
Any Member or customer who does not wish to be contacted by us or an organization with which we might otherwise share contact information may let us know by sending an e-mail to web-support@wga.com or by using the contact information below. Members and customers may request to opt out of specific e-mail communications from wginsuranceservices.com or request an overall opt out of both mail and e-mail communications (with the exception of basic membership and dues renewal mailings). Additionally, Members may manage their personal information in the online Member Directory and choose what information will be accessible there.

How may Members or customers review their information or request a change of information?

Members and customers may update their information using the Change of Information Form. Alternately, Members and customers may go to csgn.org to review the following types of information maintained about them:

Contact information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail Addresses
Requests to change or review information may be sent to us using the contact information below.
How may Members, customers, or visitors request information about the security of csgn.org?

We have reasonable security measures in place at our physical facilities and on our Web server to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information collected from Members, customers, and visitors. Requests to review security information may be sent to us using the contact information below.

How can Members, customers or visitors become informed about changes to the Privacy Policy Statement?

Periodically we may use collected information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. When our information collection and dissemination practices change, we will post the policy changes on csgn.org.

How do I contact the web master at csgn.org?

Attention: Sabrina Blair
Address: 17620 Fitch Street Irvine CA 92614
Phone: 949-885-4789
E-mail: sblair@wga.com