Farm to la Escuela: Nutrition Education with English Language Learners

This service highlight, originally posted with the California Farm to School Network, is written by FoodCorps Service Member Sara Mendes who is currently serving with Life Lab and Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) along the Central Coast. Serving in the heartland of agriculture and in Spanish-speaking communities, Sara has been able to serve countless of students by teaching Harvest of the Month lessons and leading field trips. Read on to learn about her approach to teaching bilingual garden and nutrition-based lessons.

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Enjoy a Heart (Shaped) Healthy Valentine’s Day

Last month we discussed creating healthy goals for the new year and how to use a garden as means to expose your kids to fruits and vegetables.

How’s that going for you? Hopefully good, but we understand if there’s been some slip ups, especially with leftovers from the holiday season. However, another dangerous time of the year is upon us! Chocolate is everywhere this month so here are some tips to staying healthy in the midst of Valentine’s Day.

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Promoting Good Nutrition and Fighting Cancer with School Gardens

The school garden at Rolling Hills Elementary School in San Diego is thriving. The children, Principal Kathleen Marshack, and parent volunteers got a chance to show it off while demonstrating how fun it is to grow (and eat) your own food! Some special gifts and attention were brought Tuesday by representatives from the Western Growers Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

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Food Safety for School Garden to Cafeteria Programs

“If they grow it, they’ll eat it.”

We’ve used that mantra for years now, but here’s a little snag.  Seems no one is immune to rules and regulations these days, and edible school gardens — particularly those in Arizona — have a few rules that can make it a bit more difficult for the children to actually eat what they grow.

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WGF Wants You!

Is there a school garden in your community? There could be. With grants from the Western Growers Foundation (WGF) and your personal involvement, a lot of kids will be introduced to good nutrition and the joy of seeing something grow. The Foundation received grants from both the California Department of Food & Agriculture and the Arizona Department of Agriculture. These grants will allow us to give 150 schools funds this upcoming school year. In addition, thanks to generous donations from our members, we will be able to give seeds, irrigation and supplies.

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5 Tips for Raised Bed Gardens - Popular Mechanics

Raised beds carry a litany of advantages that make them an ideal solution for novice and experienced gardeners alike. But to get the very most out of your beds, follow this advice from the pros.

1. Build and Test Your Soil

Begin your gardening season with a soil test. This will identify what your soil has or lacks. In turn, you use this information to build your soil.

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