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Status Post by Anna Garwood

Growing Gardens seeks a highly skilled and passionate individual to serve as Executive Director and uphold our mission to strengthen people and communities to grow their own food. Growing Gardens accomplishes this through a Home Gardens program working with families, a Youth Grow program in local schools, the Lettuce Grow program serving inmates in Oregon’s correctional facilities, and educational workshops. The Executive Director is responsible for organizational leadership and oversight of all management, fiscal, program, fundraising and planning activities. The Executive Director works closely with the Board of Directors to develop policies and strategies for the organization and is primarily responsible for implementation of Board decisions. Additionally, the Executive Director is responsible for establishing and maintaining positive relations with funders, community leaders, policy makers, the non-profit sector, and creating a motivating and nurturing work environment for staff, volunteers, home and school gardeners, and community partners. For more information and to apply, see www.growing-gardens.org