Island Grown Schools Curriculum Toolkit

PreK, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle, High School
Units for every grade level that build on each other and provide a meaningful food education for students in Martha Vineyards.

Growing Minds - Farm to School Lesson Plans

Over the years, Growing Minds has developed Farm to School activities that incorporate national standards. Find lesson plans, recipes, books, and other resources for each month of the school year.

Food, Land and People

Promotes approaches to learning that help people better understand the interrelationships among agriculture, the environment and people of the world.

Garden Mosaics

Garden Mosaics is a youth and community education program that combines science learning with intergenerational mentoring, multicultural understanding, and community action.

National Environmental Education Foundation Resources

For grades K-12. Garden based leraning with links to lessons on climate change, water, water-energy articles, and children and nature. Children and nature lessons for all grades, will pop up in a new on-line window.

Science and our Food Supply

The FDA in collaboration with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) have created thi innovative, interactive supplementary curriculum for use in middle level and high school science classes. Provides challenging hands-on, minds-on activities that link food science and food safety to students' everyday lives.

Lesson Plans from Ag in the Classroom

Grades K-12 lesson plans that teach agricultural awareness. All these lessons are aligned with CA content standards.

China, Europe, Westward Expansion - Middle School Social Science Lessons by Katy Pearce

These lessons have been developed to bring garden-based nutrition education and California standards-based social studies curriculum together. We believe that food history is an integral part of understanding culture and that experiential lessons in the garden and cooking classroom can encourage students to eat more healthily and deepen their understanding of past civilizations.

Eat Fit: Teacher Curriculum

"EatFit is a goal oriented intervention that challenges adolescents to improve their eating and fitness choices This nine-lesson curriculum provides hands-on activities that teach students the skills they need to meet their goals. The Workbook includes 9 lesson plans and enhancements, recipes, educational standards, references, and answer sheets for the EatFit Student."