Thank you for checking out CSGN Connect! We're excited to have you here and get you going on what we hope will be a new way for you to connect with other people involved in school garden programs. Since this is a brand new program, we've provided answers to a few questions below to help you get started.

  • Create Posts

    You can create posts in order to share status updates, photos, deals and ask questions of the community regarding your school garden.

  • Comment On Other People's Posts

    You are encouraged to comment on other people’s posts to provide feedback or reply to a post and other users may comment on your posts as well.


There are 4 different post types, check out each post below to learn a little bit more about each.

  • Photo Posts

    With a Photo post you can share up to 5 photos of your school garden or anything garden related that you’d like others to see. Show off your latest successful harvest, highlight your students (you must have a photo release on file for any children/students pictured), or share a new garden project!

    Example:Photo Post

  • Question Posts

    Here you can pose a question to the community about anything and everything garden related. Need help figuring out what’s eating your plants? Post a Question and get feedback. Want to know if anyone has suggestions for inexpensive gardening tools? Post it.

    Example:Question Post

  • Deal Posts

    If you’ve found a great deal on products other school gardeners would be interested in, share it with a Deal post. For example, you’ve got leftover soil from your garden projects or found a stellar sale on seedlings online - post a Deal to share these with neighboring gardeners.

    Example:Deal Post

  • Status Posts

    A Status post can be used when you’d like to share something with the community that is not necessarily a photo, question or deal. Perhaps you just had a really eventful day in the garden and would like to share your excitement – create a Status post.

    Example:Status Post

  • Filter by Post Type

    You can filter the Activity Feed by which type of posts you would like to see. For example, if you are looking for great deals you can select the Deal Filter and you will only see Deal posts. If you want to see all of the Activity Feed, select the All Filter.

  • Filter by County

    You can also filter the Activity Feed by county name. If you only want to see posts from other users in your county, type in the county name in the Applicable County box and then click Apply.

  • View by State

    If you would only like to see posts in your state, you can access the state specific Activity Feeds on either the CA School Garden Network or AZ School Garden Network pages.

    Visit the California Network | Visit the Arizona Network


Fill out a bug report!

If you are experiencing issues with a certain part of the CSGN Connect tool, we encourage you to complete a Bug Report to notify us. Be sure to be as specific as possible with your description of bugs so that we can accurately address the issue(s).

Report A Bug

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