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Photo Post by nymia amey

This year we're hoping our garden is even better than last year! Now that we have more knowledge and more help from our little gardeners and our local nurseries, we think it will grow to be quite impressive.
Why School Gardens?
  • The majority of America’s children go without eating one serving of fruits and vegetables each day.
    - Center for Disease Control, 2009
  • Thirty percent of US children are obese; half are overweight.
    - American Journal of Medicine
  • This is the first generation of Americans at risk of having a lower life expectancy than their parents.
    - American Journal of Medicine
Our Mission
  • To plant and sustain a fruit and vegetable garden in every willing Arizona and California school.

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    A school garden is a unique learning enviroment. The garden is not as free as recess nor as confined as a classroom. A school garden is an outdoor or garden classroom. Just as there are rules and norms for recess and the indoor classroom, effective instuction in the garden classroom depends on a management style appropriate to... Read More

    With a new year comes new resolutions. One of those resolutions should be to teach our children healthier habits and lead by example.
    Nearly one in three children in America is currently overweight or obese, and that trend seems to be climbing. So while you’re tackling your own New Year’s resolutions, why not partner up with your... Read More

    Western Growers Foundation proudly partners with the Arizona Department of Agriculture to offer a competitive grant to K–12 Arizona schools. Fifty schools will receive $1,000 each—plus seeds and materials—to grow and sustain their edible gardens. The grants will be awarded in early spring in time for the 2015 Spring planting season. This grant... Read More

    This story was written by returning FoodCorps service member Noah Donnell-Kilmer, who serves with Garden School Foundation in Los Angeles.

    Read on to understand the roller coaster ride of teaching and the stories that make the chaos of teaching in school... Read More

"If they grow it they'll eat it."